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Forced Human Toilet Stories

I'm laying with my head suspended under a special chair, my face flush with the seat. This chair is designed to allow someone to use me as a human toilet. They can relieve themselves directly in my mouth. I don't know who will use me yet today, but I'm about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

forced human toilet stories

"I absolutely would love if the Ukrainians used 'We're Not Gonna Take It' as their battle cry," said Snider on Twitter. "My grandfather was Ukrainian before it was swallowed up by the USSR after WW2. He was forced to be a human toilet by the Soviets and Putin. This can't happen to these people again!"

Also, in order to get ideas for new stories, and to encourage feedback, he also designed some kinky surveys on his Web site asking about people's fetishes and kinks. One survey asked if someone would be willing to be a toilet slave. Most of the answers are automatically populated by the respondent clicking on check boxes, but the comments section came from a text box that the person typed their personal comments.

> From: Mindy > To: EroticWriter > Subject: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey > > Gender? Female > Age? 30ish > Country? USA > Would be a toilet slave? Yes > Would be toilet to men or women? Either men or women > How often would you want to be used? Constant use > What Days? Busiest days Fri and Sat > Ever been a toilet slave? No > Comments: > I would only do this if totally bound > into a device which forced me to be a > toilet. I hate the idea of willingly > doing this but if I were shown a > device which would be inescapable and > truly turn me into a toilet against > my will I know I would submit to it > for as long as possible.

> From: Mindy > To: EroticWriter > Subject: Re: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey > > I was hoping to talk to you about > realistic forced toilet play. > > I've read many stories dealing with > the issue and talked to many people > who were "experts" (at least in their > fantasies) but it's hard finding > where it meets reality. > > I have a very unusual fantasy in that > while I'm not interested in any > particular fetish, I dream of > voluntarily (at first) letting myself > get into a bizarre situation that I > can't get out of and truly don't want > to do. > > Toilet play is a great example of > that. > > The idea of willingly drink urine or > eating human waste disgusts me. > > If someone were to hand me a glass of > urine and tell me to drink it there's > no way I could. > > Or if it were a toilet design shown > in your picture, while I'd be forced > to hold still while someone used > me, there's no way I'd open my mouth. > > While some designs use a gag with a > tube or funnel where the urine is put > directly into the mouth and can easily > be swallowed, is there a way to also > put the other stuff in? I've always > thought that the stories where some > kind of larger tube or pipe is > used would prevent the need to chew > it a bit in order to swallow it. > > When it gets to the level of talking > about it in this detail I'm reminded > about how sick it makes me, but if > presented with the right situation I > know I'd have to submit to it. > > You see, as disgusted as the thought > of doing this stuff makes me, I know > that if someone showed me a device > such as yours that I'd have to allow > myself to be put into it. > > The more elaborate and bizarre the > situation and device the better. > > I guess that's why I'm asking you > about the reality of toilet play. > > I want to know things such as for a > toilet like the one you show, how > can you force the person to consume > what goes in? Do you punish them for > not opening their mouth? Or do you > leave them in long enough that > hunger eventually forces them to eat? > How long can someone survive in a > situation like that? While I've > read many stories I'm not sure how > many are truly practical. > > I love the idea of being a slave in > those Edge Play stories but I'm not > sure how it would work with me > because I'm sure I'd start screaming > to be let out and in a club like > that I'm not sure if you could truly > use someone against their will if > it's open to the general public. > > Is there a way to be used in a club > like that where you're not exposed > to the public? I guess if you're > restrained in a separate room under > the men's room and only the liquid > from the urinals is tubes into the > mouth. > > But is there a way to transport the > solids directly to the mouth? Hmmm... > > I guess what I'm asking is what are > the best ways to truly turn someone > into a human toilet against their > will. > > While I've had a lot of offers from > people who want me to be a willing > toilet or at least where I'd be bound > (not in a device as nice as yours, > that I might consider) and beaten > if I didn't do it, I have no interest. > > But if someone were to show me a > working device where I could see > that once locked in there would be > no escape and I would be forced to > consume what is put in, I know > I would have to do it. > > And when I say the more elaborate and > bizarre the better. > > The more I'd be less of a human and > more just a part of the plumbing the > better. > > In fact if someone showed me what > could be called the ultimate toilet > and told me that I was to be put into > it for the rest of my life with no > chance of release, I'd be screaming > at them because they weren't getting > me strapped in fast enough. > > Of course I also know that once it > starts and the first load of waste > hits I'm going to snap back to > reality and be screaming to be > let out. > > That's why for me it has to be > something that can be done without > my cooperation. > > I hope that makes sense and I'm not > sounding crazy. > > That's the way all of my fantasies > go. > > It's not just one fetish like the > toilet thing. > > I'm open to about anything as long > as it's done right. > > Anyway, back to toilets. > I've come up with an interesting idea > that I think might work good but I'd > like your feedback. In fact you might > be someone who could build it. > > Start with the basic toilet design but instead > of the standard bowl it's more like a funnel > that is as wide as the seat at the top but > narrows to about 3 inches. > > I'm not sure how long it should be and you > might have to experiment with it. > > If it's not long enough or I guess a steep > enough drop something might get stuck on the > side, if it's too long things will drop easier > but it might be harder to clean. > > The victim is restrained with their mouth a few > inches under the funnel and they are wearing a > latex hood with only an opening over the mouth. > > Take an elbow length latex glove and snip off > the hand part. > > Then glue (I guess) the wrist end to the hood > around the mouth (I suppose you'd already have > to have done this part) and stretch the elbow > end over the end of the funnel. > > Anything put into the toilet has to be consumed > in order for the victim to breath and it's > probably too great a distance for them to try > to spit it up and out of the toilet. > > So what problems do you see with that design. > > I'd love to hear from you.

> From: EroticWriter > To: Mindy > Subject: Re: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey > > I don't think there are any experts. The > reality is that a situation like my Edge Play > kink club is pure fantasy. If a public toilet > slave in such a situation didn't die of the > countless diseases she picked up from the > hundreds of people whose assholes she ate from, > she would be vulnerable to injury from all the > crazy people she would be alone and helpless > with in the course of a few hours. > > Theoretically, a person could survive quite > some time. Urine is sterile from a healthy > person and poses little health risk. Feces, > however, contains a large quantity of > intestinal bacterial, which could be a heath > problem for people with weak immune systems. On > the plus side, human waste contains about 25% > undigested matter. Therefore, with a daily > vitamin supplement, a toilet slave could > probably survive for up to about a week by > consuming nothing but her master's filth. > > There is also what's known as the rule of > threes: a person can last 3 minutes without > air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks > without food. > > Another thing to consider before going into > toilet service is to get a series of vaccines > for Hepatitis A and B. Very important if > you're considering being toilet slave in a > public or semi-public setting such as a kink > club or munch. > > While still not a realistic scenario, the > situation described in my story, "The > Replacement" comes closest to your fantasy of > all my stories. A woman is strapped down > helpless in his basement, and he connects the > drain from his toilet tightly to her mouth, and > then connects the real drain under her ass and > clit. > > A more practical human toilet setup is like my > toilet slave chair where the human toilet is > strapped in with her head enclosed in the > toilet box. If my toilet slave refused to > consume my filth, I would use what's called a > "jaw spreader," a device used by some dentists > to hold someone's mouth wide open. They're > readily available from surgical supply outlets > and online kink shops for about $50. I prefer > the Whitehead type because it has two ratchets, > one on each side, to hold the slave's mouth > open securely to admit my waste into her mouth. > > The device you describe could probably be > built. But the seat would be too high off the > ground. Look at mine more closely again. The > seat is at a standard toilet seat height. I > can't quite see a latex glove as a connector > between the funnel and the slave's mouth; the > slave could still close her mouth and refuse to > admit the waste while breathing out of her > nose. If, however, you put the funnel directly > in the slave's mouth, forcing her jaw open, that > could work and the slave could not keep the > filth out of her mouth. But you'll add about 6 > to 8 inches to the height of the toilet seat > with such a design. That would make it very > uncomfortable for the person using the toilet. > > Plus, one advantage of using a toilet slave is > that the master usually sits directly on the > slave's face. The slave is expected to clean > her master's anus after she swallows his filth. > With the funnel, she won't be able to perform > this necessary function. 350c69d7ab


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