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NeurOptimal training for the brain is like physical training for the body; it is a tool for self-empowered mental fitness that promotes flexibility, resilience, and improved mental acuity.
* Promotes Healthier Sleep
* Promotes Relaxation
* Enhances Learning Capacity
* Helps Manage Stress
* Helps Improve Mental Acuity 
* Help with Performance / Sports Anxiety 
* Contributes To overall Wellness 
*Enhances Personal Transformation

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Neurofeedback: Categories

Searching for Tranquility?

"Change the Way you Think"

We started North Fork Neurofeedback with one goal in mind: providing a trusted and transparent Holistic Approach that translates into increased overall brain performance and benefits that can be used in any situation, whether it is at work, at school or in the household. After a set of Neurofeedback sessions in an office or at home, clients report overall improved wellbeing; better mood, more restful sleep and feeling less stress.

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Neurofeedback: About

More on Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal is a dynamical neurofeedback system designed to work best with each individual brain. This non-invasive neurofeedback training has helped them manage stress better, improve sleep habits and enhance focus.

The experience works by nurturing brain function and success and serenity. The outcomes of neurofeedback training are profound, with clients feeling more calm, confident, and comfortable within themselves.

With over 4 million sessions worldwide since 1999, NeurOptimal®  has shown to be safe and effective

Brain Training With NeurOptimal® Helps Enhance Learning Capacity, Promotes Executive Functioning And Mental Acuity (Feeling More Alert, Focused, Calm).

Neurofeedback provides a multitude of benefits for the brain and body. It trains both cognitive and emotional skills.

Neurofeedback uses the electrical communication of the brain which can get habituated
to patterns that aren’t appropriate for the here and now. We are recording that
information from sensors, that are feed into the head from a computer system and when
the brain is about to go into a “state change” electrically, the software on the computer
(in a millisecond) interrupts auditory, noting change in the exact millisecond that your
brain is about to change, it interrupts it in that moment, through headphones so you
become aware. It’s an opportunity to see what the brain is doing, then it can shift and
choose differently, the brain gets that opportunity thousands of times as it gets the

Over a series of sessions the brain gets to learn how to perform differently, with the
data, in the present moment and the brain wants to do this: all the while hooked up to
the Neurofeedback machine. It changes our stress response. It’s not dangerous and it’s
not dangerous to be in a state of regulation and calm down and cheer up. It is naturally
rebalancing the brain.

Our brains are habituated to response patterns, that are not helpful to what’s happening
in the present moment, like complex PTSD suffers. Our lifestyle is always being
bombarded with “input”. Communication between what the brain is asking for and our
conscious awareness becomes much clearer, this is a great tool of support.
It helps to have clear lines of communication.


Imagine a snow globe after you shake it
up; Neurofeedback helps all the snowflakes settle to see more clearly. It’s great for
self- optimization, helping people do a wellness body walk through. It helps to lessen
feelings of overwhelm, decreases decision fatigue and anxiety, when you feel
incapacitated, Neurofeedback helps with information overload. Neurofeedback is the
perfect connection between the two, body and mind. It is a perfect extension of our
body as we move through space and time. It helps to bring body-mind synchronization.
Everyone is different, and everyone will notice and connect different things shifting.


We notice great results when our mind and thoughts try to derail us from what our brain
wants to do, such as in talk therapy. Neurofeedback is a stand alone therapy. What are
your goals by introducing Neurofeedback? Are you ready for change? Are you always
holding a pattern that is not serving you? Are you ready for a shift, to show in the world
in a different way?

NeurOptimal® technology is the latest generation of Neurofeedback. It doesn't treat
symptoms, it’s designed to allow the central nervous system to optimize its own
functioning, based on real time feedback and each person's own brain. It helps people
to perform at their best, increasing mind-body synchronization. Your brain will do
something to optimize it’s functioning, it’s how your brain naturally tries to optimize.

Neurofeedback: About
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