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About Nina Worley

Brain Trainer, Lover of Natural Healing & Honey Bees

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She has worked in the field of Mental Health for the last 20 years in some capacity, with teens and adults facilitating relapse prevention, outdoor therapy,  and many other therapeutic groups. Currently she is advocating for women and children who are getting out of destructive family patterns and abusive marriages. Her friends call her a Spiritual Justice Warrior, showing up in love, light, and compassion.
"I truly believe inside of every problem is a solution. I was thrilled to discover Neurofeedback sped up–sometimes effortlessly–my client’s healing process, with friends and family who trained with the Neuroptimal system.  I bought a system to help train my children's brains and bring a new level of ease and peace to our home. What I did not realize is that Neurofeedback would help drastically retention in school, boost retention overall, and increase my children's athletic ability. It has helped the trauma and secondary trauma that they have experienced, depression and everything where Western Medicine has had no answers, thank you Neurofeedback! 
Personally after being in "talk therapy" for 20 years, nothing could compare to the results of Neurofeedback. It lowered my level of reactivity, quieted my mind, and decreased PTSD flashbacks and nightmares. 
I can't wait to start on your healing journey with you and guide you into your ultimate state of being."

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