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Once you attend your appointment, let us know what you thought, all about your experience, and everything you noticed for yourself and we would love to add your testimonial here.

"I have been in counseling for many years to help with trauma and PTSD recovery, including EMDR, and many other various modalities to decrease reactivity, manage triggers and seek balance in my brain related to trauma. Neurofeedback has done for me in a few sessions more than years of therapy. This is a life saving modality that I hope everyone can take advantage of. I had such profound results that I have taken my children in for Neurofeedback as well. My trainer was so patient, and flexible with my children. After a few sessions of Neurofeedback with them I noticed stabilization, relaxation, peace, less fighting, improved focus in school. I a so thankful that this advanced technology exists here. I HIGHLY recommend Neurofeedback!


Testimonials: Testimonials
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